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Shaheed (1965) presents the inspirational biography of one of India’s greatest patriots Sardar Bhagat Singh. It is the year 1916 in India, a year that Sardar Kishan Singh, his wife, their children, including son, Bhagat, and their parents will never forget, for it was the day his brother, Ajit Singh, sang out against the British, was arrested, escaped from prison, & has never been heard of again. This does have an impact on young Bhagat Singh’s mind, so much so that when he grows up he joins the freedom fighting movement, being headed by Chandrashekar Azad. It is then that an unarmed freedom fighter, protesting the Simon Commission, is killed by Police. Bhagat, Chandrashekar Ajad, Rajguru, Sukhdev, and Jaygopal avenge this death by killing the Assistant Commissioner Saunders. The entir film is based on how freedom fighter Bhagat Singh fights with the britishers to gain freedom and independence. Bhagat singh ,Rajguru and Sukhdev are given death sentence for waging a war against England ,fearing from public oppositon Sukhdev ,Bhagat Singh and Rajguru are secretly sent to the gallows a day before and become Martyrs, shouting INKALAB JINDABAD!-LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!


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