Horrible Histories – Rosa Parks + lyrics HD

Here we have the first lyric video for the brand new series of Horrible Histories, featuring Dominique Moore. (EXPAND FOR MORE)

I do not own the copyright. All rights go to the BBC and Lion Television.

The Horrible Histories cast on social media…
Mat (Charles II) Baynton: https://twitter.com/realmatbaynton
Ben (Henry VIII) Willbond: https://twitter.com/benwillbond
Jim (Shouty Man) Howick: https://twitter.com/JimHowick
Laurence (Bob Hale) Rickard: https://twitter.com/Lazbotron
Martha (Elizabeth I) Howe-Douglas: https://twitter.com/MarthaHD and http://bit.ly/2UYUUIL
Simon (Stupid Deaths) Farnaby: https://twitter.com/simonfarnaby

My social media… Sarah Ferdinand (Fabluewho)


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