War Within (Ptsd Song) Lyrics

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Hi folks,
I learned recently that no less than 22 US soldiers a day take their own lives as a result of PTSD and it’s associated illnesses. If this statistic is to be believed (and I see no reason why it shouldn’t), then this effectively means that more soldiers have been lost to this illness after returning home than were lost to the conflict itself.To me, that’s a frightening statistic.
I hope that this song & lyrics mean something to those who hear it & that it helps bring some much needed focus & attention to this devastating illness.I would.ask also, that if you know of someone who is suffering in this way, that you take the time to try to lend a helping hand somehow. I realize that none of us can help everyone, but each one of us can definitely help someone. Thanks & take care. Tom
PS-This song was subsequently recorded by an American Country singer by the name of Howard Salmon. The man has served himself and is an absolute gentleman who is keen to help those affected by this horrific illness. The song is currently listed on itunes, spotify etc etc.. and some of the proceeds from the sale of the cd, downloads etc. will go to a charity to help soldiers suffering from PTSD, so i would love people to get behind what is a very worthy cause.
Btw, this is the acoustic version that i sent Howard originally. It is my good self singing on this one.
War Within (Ptsd Song) Lyrics
Copyright @ words & Music written by Tom Byrne Oct 2015.


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