Jasmine Thompson ★ Words ★ Fan Lyrics

We fans love Jasmine Thompson “Wonderland” EP so much that we made a fan lyrics video from her original song “Words”
Thank to everybody who made this video possible 🙂
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Wonderland EP: https://ift.tt/2rlQrSa
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Also on iTunes:
Album ‘Bundle of Tantrums’: http://geni.us/BOTI,
Album ‘Another Bundle of Tantrums’: http://geni.us/ABOT,
EP ‘Under The Willow Tree’: http://geni.us/UTWT,
EP ‘Take Cover’: http://geni.us/TCEP

Spotify playlist: https://ift.tt/1oCWnbX
Spotify: https://ift.tt/1oBH887
CD on Amazon/download: http://geni.us/BOTC, https://ift.tt/1oBHag6
MP3 on Amazon: http://geni.us/STORE
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