Dhanyawad Ke Sath Stuti Gaunga! Hindi Christian Song! Worship Song! Lyrics/Guitar Chords!

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Dhanyawad Ke Sath Stuti Gaunga English Lyrics

Guitar Chords: D, F#m, G,A, Bm

Dhanyawad Ke Sath Stuti Gaunga
Hey Yeshu Mere Khuda
Upkaar Tere Hain Beshumaar
Koti Koti Stuti Dhanyawad

Verse 1:
Yogyata Se Badke Diya Hai
Apni Daya Se Tune Mujhe (2)
Mangne Se Zyada Mila Mujhe
Aabhari Hun Prabhu Mai (2)

Verse 2:
Tu Hai Sacha Zinda Khuda
Tujh Par Hi Bharosa Mera (2)
Seva Poori Karke Paoon Inam
Prabhu Aisa Do Vardan (2)


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