Waves and Blues – Girl Scout Song/Navy Song with Lyrics

Waves and Blues are two songs written for the U.S. Navy that are now sung by Girl Scouts and Sea Scouts.

Please note that for the 3rd part in our video, when both songs are sung together, it works best when you start on the same note for both songs, and make sure you connect at certain points, such as the word “on”.
You may have noticed we are re-doing this song to include more people and fill in the harmony a bit better. Enjoy!


Blues of the seven seas, gold of God’s great sun—
Let these our colors be ’til all of time is done.
On western shores we learn mariner lore—
Faith, courage, service, truth and honor, ever honor, over all.

WAVES, written by Betty St. Clair for the women of the Navy

Waves of the Navy, there’s a ship sailing on the bay,
And she won’t put into port again until that vict’ry day.
So carry on for that gallant ship, and for every hero brave,
Who will find ashore his man-sized chore was done by a Navy Wave.


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