The fuck song – Disaster Movie Lyrics

This was a request

I Own Nothing

For DesiredDreamz

I Copied The Lyrics Then Timed It Out , Its Not My Spelling

Lyrics :
Wahh issi?
I’m fukin matt damon
Your fukin matt damon
Well I’m fukin hannah motana
She’s fukin hannah motana
Backstage at my concert
Fuks me on my parents’ bed
After school, at my locker
In the car I giv her head
I’m also fukin the flava
Yh boy she’s fukin flave-flav, fool
You kno wah time it is
Becos I’m fukin juney too
Yh I kno but it’s true
Flava-flav fuks me too
And I swap with calvin
And he swaps with tha dude
And wer all fukin hellboy
Yh ther fukin hellboy
And I’m the fukin hulk
Wen I get realy mad
I start fukin iron man
A most uncomfortable screw
But I fuk the princess too
*ding dong*
Whos tha ringin on my bell
It’s the bitch thas fukin iron man
Thas i-r-o-n m-a-n
And I fuk him in the mouth
Thas fukin great becos I’m fukin wolf
He’s fukin wolf ain tha a pity
Becos I’m fukin those bitches from sex and the city
He fuks the sex and the city gals
So I wonder:
Would wolf really be get jelous if he knew we wer fukin the guy with the big utility belt?
Ther all fukin batman
At wayne manor, in the batcave
Butler alfredis our luv slave
Riddle me this
Holy bathhouse
I’m fukin amy whinehouse
He’s fukin amy whinehouse
Yh on the down low low low
And I’m fukin jesica simpson
Cos I’m on blow blow blow
She’s fukin jesica simpson
Oh yh
And I think I mite hav fuked tha hot assasin
Everyones fuked me
And I’ve fuked em bak you see
And the mexican too
With the trahic hairdo
Call it, heads, I’m fukin J.T
I’m fukin tha male model
Cos he’s so fine
And I like to get up with calvin Kleins
It’s true. J.T fuk my ass again
But I’m also fukin prince caspian
I am handsom and I am cool
That’s why this prince fuks the kids from high school
Cum on lets hear it
Nows the time to party
Let me hear you
You kno wah time it is?
Yeah… no wahh time is it
It’s time to get fuked
-fuk me
-no, fuk me
-fuk me…
He fuks all us kids in high school
Inder the bleachers, in the showers
While wer changin for gym class
I’m fukin oprah
I’m fukin obama
I’m fukin indianas ass
She’s fukin indianas ass
And I’m fukin hancock
He’s fukin hancock and I’m fukin beowolf
You kno you like it
And I’m fukin kung fu panda
And I’m fukin michael jackson
Don’t judge me
I luv my animals you see
Oh yh he’s fukin the chipmunks
Sad to say but it’s true
He fuks the chipmunks yh


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