Sweet Victory Lyrics

Cool! Now you can rock along to the song! This is the improved version, all the words are correct, apart from ‘Freaky’ which has been decided as ‘Take it’. Hope you enjoy!

Jeffery Hibbons is a series made by some guys at school, so it’s only right I advertise for them. I hope you lot are grateful!

OMFG! 10000 views! You people are crazy!
20000 views as of 27th of March! =^D
30000 views as of 9th of May!
50000 views as of 22nd of July!
On the 14th November, 2009, this video became a featured video! Thank you all!
On December 9th, 2009, this video hit 100,000 views! Thanks for watching!
On July 10th, 2010, I got 200,000 views! That’s 100,000 in just 7 months! I cannot thank you enough guys (and girls) for watching this video, and I hope to update this box again to 500,000 views in (at the view rate now) Just under one and a half years xD


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