Like This Shawn Mendes lyrics (New song 2016!)

Hey guys! So as most of you will know, yesterday was Shawn’s first show of his new world tour! It was in radio city music hall and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I stayed up with some friends to watch it as it was happening and it blew my mind.. It was insane. He performed 3 new songs at the show and this is one of them. It is so beautiful and you can really hear the passion in his voice. Here is a lyric video I made for it! So I hope you like it!

And as always, I do not claim to own the song or even the video I used this time. I just made this lyric video.. that’s all 🙂

P.s. I tried my best but it is possible that I messed up some of the lyrics.. so sorry if I did! Leave corrections in the comments.. Thanks guys 🙂

Have a good day 😀


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