“King Fixer” (Lyrics Video!) | Watch Dogs | Jordi Chin tribute song

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I was sick (and bored) so I decided to make a lyrics videos to my favorite song that I’ve composed thus far.

Lyrics Font: “WC Mano Negra Bta” by WC Fonts / Atypeek
Intro Font: “Hacked” by by David Libeau

A tribute to another great Watch Dogs character! Everyone’s favorite fixer, Jordi Chin! 😀 Bless this precious cinnamon roll of a character. May he have his own game someday.

Props to me for hitting at F5 note at the end without going off-pitch after 3956142 takes.

Unforunately, my other remaining dog passed away as well. I was almost done replaying the first Watch Dogs
game, and I decided, why not write a song about this lovable character? In the end, this little project served as a great distraction for the emotional turmoil I’m going through. I enjoyed making this song so I hope you enjoy listening! 🙂

(Been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey these few months as well HAHA.)

Though I’m not talented enough for it, I decided to try rhyming again LOL.

These instruments are courtesy of my electric piano!
– Bright piano
– Celesta
– Steel String Guitar

Picture from the Watch Dogs Character trailer.

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Title: “King Fixer ”
Based on: Jordi Chin (Watch Dogs)
Composed, arranged, piano, lyrics, vocals by: Ashleigh Aishwarya


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