World Statistics Day Song Part 1 (Lyrics and notations in description)

A suggested song for World Statistics Day.
Notations and Chords:
Edited and Uploaded by Subhahis Bhaumik and Manish Bhaumik (B.Sc Statistics and M.S in Software Engineering) of Wipro Technologies.
The song is written and composed by Mr. Mrinal Bhaumik ( M.Stat (1975) Indian Statistical institute, M.Sc in Development Studies (1994) Bath University U.K., PGD in Public Policy and Management (2010), Management Development Institute, India in collaboration with George Mason University, Washington D.C.
– An Indian Statistical Service Officer.

The song is dedicated to the Statistical community and organizations of the world.
The song highlights the role of statistics in world development.
Statistics is a science of finding truth with minimum error.
The Reliable and Scientifically derived Official Statistics empowers people and hence guide them in the right direction for sustainable and environment friendly development of all in this World.

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The song highlights the role of Statistics in making this world beautiful through sustainable developmental efforts. It seeks cooperation of all countries in the task of development , applying the science of Statistic.
It overrules the historical phrase “Lie , damned lies, and statistics”
– The song is listed in the web site of United Nations- UNSD

May like to listen World Statistics Day tune on Sitar

I wrote the song and composed the tune with the firm believe that Music has the power of integrating and imbibing a feeling of oneness in achieving any goal be it Official Statistics for the betterment of lives of the people on this earth or whatever. The song is of universal nature irrespective of the themes of the celebrating years.
I put it on the You tube immediately after composing the song in 2010 without any preparation at all otherwise it would have been lost since till date due to some constraints I could not make appealing video of the song with studio quality recording and appropriate musical accompaniment. Thanks to all of you who in spite of these limitations listened to the song. In fact I have been receiving requests from all over the world for providing the lyrics, chord and notation for the song. For the last two years the requests have been received from the students of International Statistical Education Centre whom I have been teaching. They are from the countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Fiji, Laos, Mongolia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan etc.
I am sure many of you can sing thousand times better than me .I will appreciate if some of you try to sing the song with due reference.

Statistics Statistics
The World Statistics Day
Statistics Statistics
The World Statistics Day
The Twentieth Day of October
Let us celebrate all around
As the world Statistics Day
The World Statistics Day
All countries! All countries!
Unite to come and shape the World
Empowering people with Official Statistics
Sustain Develop but retain World’s beauty and peace
We can change control monitor
Every aspect of our life
With Official Statistics
Establish cause and effect and realize
The ultimate truth is Statistics

-Copyright Subhashis Bhaumik


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