Trump Song – The Man with the Orange Tan (with Lyrics)

My silly song about a sometimes silly man. But then again, we’re all a bit silly sometimes. Lyrics below.

My man, my man, with the orange tan
He’s not a chimpanzee, but an orangutan
He’s got an objection with Afghanistan
Always sending out tweets with his tiny little hands

My Trump, my Trump, my trumpety Trump
Goes pumpety, pumpety, pumpety, pumpety, pump it
Humpety hump it, my big long trump-et
Eating jam and cream off a hot buttered crumpet

His button, his button, his nuclear button
It’s bigger than yours, and tastes a little like mutton
Put your hamburger down, we’ve got a situation
It’s time to blow up another independent nation

My Trump, my Trump, my trumpety Trump
Goes humpety, humpety, humpety, humpety, hump it
Bumpety bump it, my white-lined skunk-let
Draining all my fluids down the oil-covered sump pit

His hair, his hair’s like an orange bear
Playing Russian Roulette with the Tsars of Bel-Air
Put your fish filet down, and head to the war room
There’s a despot over there who’s gotta go boom boom

My Trump, my Trump, my trumpety Trump
Goes bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bump it
Jumpety jump it, that big ass rump-et
Play in Stormy weather with a bosomy strumpet

He’s the D. Trump, chopping tree stump
Watching pee pump, on size E rump

He’s my Trump



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