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This is the very first and original composed song of sister Stuti David. She tells that this beautiful song is a testimony of her personal life. While she was writing this song she was personally blessed. Let’s enjoy this beautiful song with same experience as sister Stuti David enjoyed while singing this beautiful song.

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Original Credits

Song : Sabse Uncha Ho
Lyrics : Stuti David
Composition : Stuti David
Genre : Classical
Sung By : Stuti David

Enjoy the original video –

Hindi Lyrics

तु प्रभु मेरे जीवन में, सबसे ऊंचा हो
तेरी महिमा जीवन में मेरे, ही सदा की हो

सुंदर जितनी दिल है तेरा उतना मेरा हो
सोच हो मेरी बदली, बदली येशु जैसे हो

पाक है जितनी तेरे नज़रे मेरी भी हो
तन ये मेरा अर्पित तुझको, आत्मा भी शुद्ध हो


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