Brownfusion – Hindi Sila Superhero (Lyrics)

Well, It’s about time to salute Filipino’s modern day heroes, and thru our song, we lift our heads high and thank God that these awesome individuals never fails to support our mother land. They don’t need to do extra ordinary things to become a hero, they are the backbone of our country, they are dad, mom, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, son, daughter, a friend, they are countrymen outside our native land, who in their own ways look after their love ones back home, making our country proud. They are the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They are not Superheroes, but they surely stands firm out there, all for one and one for all. As the song’s line says, and we’re sure all agrees, that we just hope and pray, OFW’s hard work helps the greater good of our country and our countrymen and must not goes to the pocket’s of some.

by: BrownFusion
Lyrics: Daniel Balana
Music: Jerico De Leon
Sound Eng: Reigel Torrevillas
Arrangement: BrownFusion


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