BADHAAI HO – Morni Banke (Lyrics/Hindi/Eng)

O P E N M E; ❤

helloooo! man, I was gone for the longest. but if you’ve missed me, please enjoy this fairly new song that took me almost 2 months to upload a lyric video on! life’s busy, ya know?

btw | “balle, balle” is a punjabi expression used for ‘rejoice’ when dancing to bhangra music for those of you that don’t know. 🙂

[ new ] frequently asked questions;

“what is your name?”

“what’s your inspiration for these lyric video layouts?”
I used the format for kpop lyric videos and use it for bollywood songs since the translating looks good. so all credits to the amazing people who style kpop videos! 😀

“where are you from?”
florida. lol that’s all i’m saying.

“are you a kpop fan? your icon is rosè from blackpink?”
yeAh I am

“how many languages do you speak?”
english (obvi) some spanish since I study it everyday & hindi. though I love the russian language.

my only social media;

weheartit / @namjoonaste
wattpad / @currypanman

Love && finger hearts ❤
~ Sonia (Saturday, November 24 2018, 4:37pm u.s eastern time)


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