[FULL LYRICS + CUT CONTENT] Hamilton: An American Musical

[REGARDING ADS] I know the ads are frustrating, but this video technically remains property of the copyright claimant, who has complete control of how many ads are on the video, where they are, etc. They receive all the revenue. I, myself, have not seen any monetary benefit from this video. I’m seriously sorry, guys, but it’s out of my control. I would recommend downloading an ad blocker if you really can’t stand it.

[REUPLOAD] So I took some notes from the last video and put this together. It’s a little more fun and geared to Hamilton fans , as opposed to people getting into the musical. Thank you guys so much for the support, and maybe I might start doing other musicals! Apologies for the cut songs sometimes being a lot quieter than the rest of the musical. I’m just not smart enough to fix that. God bless!


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton: An American Musical” as a full-length lyric video, including songs from the Off Broadway edition. I claim no ownership of this video, the words on screen, nor the music heard. All rights reserved to Lin-Manuel Miranda.


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