Smove Mobile Review Part 1 – Unboxing and Charging | The Extendable Smartphone Stabilizer

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Want a smartphone stabilizer that extends like a selfie stick? It’s here, the new model from Smove called the SMOVE MOBILE.

Out of the box, there are 3 features that I like about it.

1. The built-in extendable arm.

2. The built-in power bank.

3. The very light weight.

The only thing I need to get used to is the larger size.

It’s much bigger than the previous SMOVE that I have.

Unlike the original SMOVE, it cannot fit into my pocket.

Well, the SMOVE MOBILE is bigger because of its 3-axis.

With a 3-axis gimbal, it provides more stability than 2-axis.

In the next post, I will do the walking and running tests.

Let me know your thoughts and please leave a comment.

Until the next exciting Smove Mobile Review, stay tuned.

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