Frewico Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android Mobile review and how to install Smartwatch Helper App

Frewico ® Smartwatch for Men Women Sync to Android Cell Phone Samsung Sony LG HTC Etc., with 1.54’’ Touch Screen, Smart Watch Support SIM Card Insert, Phone Call, Text Messaging, Pedometer, Etc.

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1.How to Start
Step 1. APP Download & Install
There are three methods to download & install APP: 1)Go to Play Store in your Android smart phone; 2)scan the QR code in the watch; 3) from included TF card to install the APP. Here we introduce the first method.
At first, please make sure your Android phone is connected to network (WiFi or 3G or 4G)
Android Phone — enter into Play Store — input BTNotification and search — find and click BTNotification — click INSTALL — click ACCEPT — click OPEN — if pop up Open the Bluetooth dialog box, click yes — pop up Enable Accessibility dialog box, click OK (If don’t pop up Enable Accessibility dialog box, click Accessibility settings) — enter into BTNotification Off, enable this service —Click OK if prompted for a warning notice

Step 2. Bluetooth Connection
1). Phone — Setting — Bluetooth — Switch ON (If Bluetooth is OFF)
2). If find “Not visible to other Bluetooth devices” or “Only visible to paired devices”, please click it and change to be “Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices” (GETAWAY is a phone name sample)
3). Watch — click Menu — click BT dialer — click Search new device — click Yes — click Pair (GETAWAY is a phone name sample) — click Yes — your Phone pop up a dialog box Bluetooth pairing request, click Pair — Watch connected (GETAWAY is a phone name sample) — after some seconds, prompt Sync date & time with remote device, click Yes — after some seconds, “BTNotification Click to set BTNotification [BTNotification connected remote…” appear, watch sync to your phone successfully.

2.Functions Operation – Phone Book Sync to Watch
Watch — click Phone Book — click Bluetooth Phone book — click Connect
Phone — prompt “Bluetooth PBAP authorization request” — slide down the prompt and click Bluetooth PBAP authorization — Click Always allowed and Allow — phone book appears, phone book sync successfully.

3.Functions Operation – Bluetooth Phone Call
Watch — click Phone Call — you can dial numbers directly or click Phone book — click Bluetooth phone book and click the phone number — click Options — click Call

4.Functions Operation – Bluetooth Notifications Push
Phone — click and enter into the installed APP (BTNotification) — make sure Notification service is enabled — click Notification app and select which App notifications need to push such as Fackbook, Twitter etc. .
Watch — check notifications once pop up or find notifications by click Remote Notifier.

5.Functions Operation – Time and Date Setting
Watch — click Setting — click Phone settings — click Time and date — Set home city and Set time/date

6.Functions Operation – Anti lost
6.1) Looking phone
Watch — click Anti lost icon — click Looking phone — phone rings and find the phone
6.2) Looking watch
Watch — click Anti lost icon — click Anti lost — Switch On of the status
Phone — open and enter into BTNotification APP— click Looking_watch— watch rings and find the phone

7.Functions Operation – Remote Camera
Phone — open the camera
Watch — click Remote Camera on your watch — press Capture — find pictures in the Gallery of your phone

*Answer or Dial calls on your wrist without pulling out your mobile phone from pocket. Drive more safely. Never miss any calls.
*Text and receive text from your wrist.
*Support SIM insert, this smart watch can work separately as a cell Phone. Never carry a phone to running or exercising again.
*Works with your Android phone – Pair with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher.

1.What are the main functions of this Smartwatch?
Text messaging, Calendaring, Pedometer, Phone call, Time display, Music player, Bluetooth notifications, Camera, Alarm Clock, Sync phone book, Sleep monitor, Sedentary remind, anti-lost, Calculator, Stopwatch, etc.


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