Corel Painter Mobile Review I wanted to give my corel painter mobile review. This is a great piece of software that makes it fun and easy to use on the go. There is a free version and a pro version. I went ahead and got the pro version because it comes with 70 brushes, and the free version has only 16 brushes. You can still do a lot of good painting with 16 brushes but I like having more options. I can’t tell you much about the features of the free version since I never tried the free one, but I can tell you that the pro version is only five bucks.

You can create custom variants of the brushes and have a huge collection of brushes by the time you do that. You can create single layers and merge layers together and even get a psd file of your final paintings and drawings to do even more work in Photoshop.

I highly recommend corel painter mobile, you won’t regret getting the pro version but you can try the free version first to test it out.

corel painter mobile


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