Smove Mobile Review Part 6 – Zoom

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The method that will help you see how stable a camera stabilizer is. What’s the best way to check the stability of your camera or gimbal?

Zoom your camera into a distant object and hold for a few seconds.

The SMOVE MOBILE has a neat zoom lever on the side of the handle.

In this video, I did 2 tests.

1. With the extender arm
2. Without the extender arm

Both tests turned out great, though I pushed it a little too far out.

The zoom feature currently works with the SMOVE MOBILE app.

Please note that this is digital zoom, so use it when necessary.

It will be better if the smartphone has optical zoom from the lens.

So check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

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In the next post, I will share the rest of the features.

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