Highster Mobile Review – How It Works | User Demo

Highster Mobile Review – How It Works | User Demo
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Highster Mobile is a parental & employee mobile monitoring software and application works for cell phone, smart phones & tablets. Allowing you to monitor a target device be it Android or iOS.

Highster Mobile also can be as phone spy software and android spy software.

In this Highster Mobile review you will see how to install and how to use Highster Mobile iphone monitoring software and android montioring software, also how it works.

Tracking information such as messages, photos, and other various media on the device. Great for tracking your kids to make sure they’re safe on their new devices or employees for devices that you’ve handed out for professional needs.

How it works:

Depending on your device there is different install methods. For example iOS requires the device to be jailbroken then a custom source installed onto the device & activated. A similar process for Android requires a download & installation of their app afterwards the monitoring can begin. A login is provided with each account allowing you to use their web portal to monitor various
aspects of the device. From the web portal you get all recent data on things such as GPS
coordinates, Photos, Videos, and more.

Features & Benefits:

Highster provides a ton of different features in its monitoring software such as-
• Remote Access
• Tracking
• Record & View
• Notification/Alerts
• Live Control Panel
• SMS Tracking
• Call Logs
• Browser History Log and so much more.

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The software even supports tracking of some 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp for example.

All of this access allows you remotely monitor the devices data from afar. Also allowing you to remote in when needed. For example if theres a situation where your kid is not contactable & you have no idea of their where about you can see the most recent GPS coordinates of the phone displayed on a map from your browser. This is highly beneficial in a variety of situations from pure monitoring & parenting purposes to spying on someone you may suspect of wrong doings or cheating for example.

All in all Highster Mobile is a great monitoring solution priced at $69.99 with zero monthly fees or hidden costs, supported with money back guarantee.

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Allowing you full monitoring access to a device be it iOS or Android, useful in multiple situations. Track aspects from video/photo media, contact logs, GPS logs, etc. More importantly it does all of this anonymously without alerting the user of the monitoring software. On top of this Highster provides updates and notifications depending on your parameters you set.

The setup process is easy to follow & from there on out the web portal provides a seamless experience for you to monitor. You can view, download, and sort media all from the browser with the device sending out data to Highster be it on mobile 3G/4G or even Wi-Fi. Whether your a concerned parent, spouse, or employer Highster has a solution for you to monitor devices easily & effectively.

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