$30 A Month Virgin Mobile Phone Review

Use this link to get a $25 credit when you sign up for Virgin Mobile service. https://ift.tt/2DAo35x If you get an iPhone from Virgin Mobile and sign up for auto-renew with your credit card, your monthly cost for phone service, unlimited internet, and unlimited texts is $30 a month. The phone call quality is good, the texting works great, but the internet speed is slower than you would get with a higher-cost plan from another provider. Your first 2.5 gb of internet usage are at 3G or 4G speeds, and after that it slows you down to 2G speeds. Virgin Mobile also puts a speed cap on streaming video over 3G or 4G, so don’t sign up for this plan expecting to watch videos on your phone. Overall, it works well enough for me, and it is the cheapest phone plan you can find. If you don’t like it, you own the phone, and you can take it to another provider. That’s my review of the Virgin Mobile $30 a month plan.


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